One night, a few days after entering school, Dongfang sat in a cafe in octagonal street, weeping as he watched xiaozhuoma give him his wallet. Suddenly a burst of laughter came, a group of female college students swarmed into the coffee shop: they were here for friends. A girl approached him gently: "brother, can you change the table?" When he looked up, he saw a slim young girl with black hair and a crimson jeans suit standing beside him. If not for the red tide on her cheeks to show the identity of the Highlanders, no one can separate her from the fashionable youth in the metropolis. Her delicate round face, dark eyes, flashing Dimples Isn't she the girl who mistakenly thought little Zhuoma that day? The East didn't dare to make a mistake, just said: "can you help me find someone? Her name is phukdroma... " But the girl saw his leather wallet, grabbed it in her hand and looked it over carefully. She cried out: "brother! The East! It's really you! I didn't expect to meet you here!" the East asked doubtfully, "you are..." The girl said, "I'm little Zhuoma! You were injured in my family that year." The sudden greatness almost fainted the East: he dared not. This fashionable girl was the simple and shy little Zhuoma in those days. The girl took out a small clip and handed it to him. It was a Veterans card. The title page was a picture and name of the East. This is the keepsake left by Dongfang in those days. She has always taken it with her. If it is her, Pu buzhuoma! In an instant, there was a kind of excitement in the East that went through all kinds of difficulties, and finally came to "the west". He fell down on the table and cried loudly!